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Hi, thanks for taking the time to have a browse thru our website. We hope the experience is beneficial to both your business and ours.

Personally I have a background in retailing and furniture manufacturing. In my early years I was trained by Myer Melbourne back in the day when Melbourne was the only store. Some years later I joined Woolworths in the Rockmans division, a group started by the Rockman Brothers, they had 100 stores Australia wide. My next experience came from a family venture in furniture manufacturing and retailing of products in shopping centres in and around Melbourne suburbs. Then came several plus years ago “The Ticket & Poster Co.” effectively revamped by number four child “The Picket & Toaster Co.”

Now down to aces and cases!

  1. We have a checklist of products available which will give you an introductory into our various product ranges.
  1. We still print. In many instances using the tried and proven methods of earlier years. For instance;
  • “PRICE TICKETS” Many headings and sizes to choose from, are mainly “OFFSET” printed on single sided 315gsm card (or similar) all sizes A-9 to A-3.
  • “SHOW CARDS” Several headings seasonal and general, are “SILK SCREEN” printed on double sided 1.5 bulkboard 500mm x 750mm plus 750mm x 1000mm. *Note – Large “SALE” silk screen printed on1.0mm bulkboard 700mm x 955mm.
  • “POSTERS” seasonal and general are mainly “SILK SCREEN” printed on single sided (special) paper, approx. 130gsm, many sizes available, horizontal and vertical headings.
  • In addition to our printed products we have a huge range of  *Acrylic card holders * Promotional and informational signage *Poster and sign holders *Ticket frames and stands *PVC ticket holders *Pop clips and hang sill strips and fasteners * Shop fitting accessories.

If you would like to have a personal chat regarding any of our products, phone Terry on mobile: 0400 823 255

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